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To see a list of clubs in your state or province, and the associated club channels, select the state or province from the list and click on the "submit" button.

With a purchase of 6 or more COLLETT COMMUNICATORS you can start your own Private Club and receive your own Private Club Channel.

Please use the number beside your Club's name to order your COLLETT COMMUNICATOR on your existing CLUB CHANNEL.

We've already assigned over 3000 Club Channels and
there are many more available!

Every COLLETT COMMUNICATOR is individually tuned and channel programmed by our technician's. We keep a record of every Communicator we sell. If you want your COLLETT COMMUNICATOR to be programmed to a club or friend's channel, just give us their name OR channel # and we'll program it.

Club Channels serve a very important purpose. They are your assurance you will always enjoy uncluttered communication with your COLLETT COMMUNICATOR. Even though our original 49 MHz radios (no longer available) had a limited range, we have often heard complaints from the customers about channel congestion. (Anyone who remembers the C.B. craze of the early 70's will know what that's about. A hundred voices, on the same channel, all trying to talk at once.) The COLLETT COMMUNICATOR 900's with its much greater operating range (up to 2 miles) has much more potential for channel crowding than the COMMUNICATOR 49. This is especially true in popular resort areas or heavily populated urban areas where you could easily have hundreds of riders all trying to talk at the same time. Initially, when few people had COLLETT COMMUNICATOR 900's there would be no problem, but as more and more riders began using them, channel congestion would certainly occur.

This is precisely the problem many people using 462 Mhz (FRS) radios already face. The 462 MHz band, although quite new and comparable to the 900 MHz band in operating range, is already in trouble. The problem is there are only 14 channels available. In urban areas there are already dozens of voices on every channel, many of them children. If you were using a 462 MHz radio and riding a motorcycle through any city in the United States, the unwanted chatter would probably annoy you so much you'd have to turn the radio off. This same scenario is certain to occur in Motorcycling, ATVing and snowmobiling if a lot of people start using 462 MHz radios. Although it's more expensive and difficult to manufacture a 900 MHz radio, the thousands of channels available on this band make the extra cost and effort very worthwhile.

The combination of International Channel and Club Channel offers customers the best of both worlds. The International Channel gives you the ability to talk to every rider equipped with a COLLETT COMMUNICATOR 900 or a PLATINUM 900. This will come in handy if you ride with a different group or if you're ever in trouble and have to use your Communicator to call out for help. It also receives our GWB (Groomer Warning Beacon) signal which warns you, when snowmobiling, that a trail groomer is approaching. The Club Channel allows you clear, uncluttered conversation when you're in an area crowded with other riders. It assures your Communicator enjoyment is never jeopardized by future channel crowding.

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