D o o F o n e & D o o F o n e 2

The new dooFONE and dooFONE 2 , are designed with the latest Bluetooth technology for use only with the Bombardier BV2S (DooFONE 2) and Ski-Doo Modular and Modular2 (dooFONE) helmets. The dooFONE, with Collett's DMS microphone (specially designed for these helmets) let's you talk to other riders up to 2 miles away on "3 super clear" 900Mhz channels, also wirelessly receive both phone calls and enjoy streaming stereo from your cellphone, Bluetooth enabled MP3 player or talking GPS...

DooFONE… New and Improved

DMS microphones are now being shipped with all dooFONE Communicators.

This next generation breath mask microphone has been further refined to resist the extreme moisture build up common in all breath mask type helmets.

The dooFONE story:

In March 2002, a few months before BRP released their new BV2S helmet, a team of BRP engineers visited the Collett factory in Winnipeg to see if a Collett Communicator could be developed for this revolutionary new helmet. They told us..." we need a communication system that will work flawlessly and provide clear voice communication under all snowmobiling conditions"... This is when the Collett engineers then began the first step.... the design of a crystal clear microphone system... the "DMS" (detachable microphone system) was born. The success of this unique "noise limiting" microphone is what enables the present dooFONE models to out perform every other helmet microphone in a "high noise" and "windy" snowmobile environment when using BV2S or ski doo Modular helmets. Thanks to our work with BRP ..... the dooFONES are now the best selling Collett Communicators.


  • Clear communication at high speeds
  • Rider to rider communication up to 2 miles
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty
  • Club channels and manufacturer's channels programmed at no extra charge
  • Supports HFP and A2DP Bluetooth profiles
  • Specially designed for the Ski-doo Modular, Modular2 and BV2S helmets
  • GWB - Groomer Warning Beacon reception
  • Cold weather reliable to -40C
  • Automatically answers your cell phone
  • 100% waterproof

    Unlike other systems, no complicated wiring or Snowmobile (ATV) modifications are necessary. Just velcro the dooFONE to your helmet, velcro your speakers in place --- and start talking.

    * We can install a unit in 5 minutes. You'll take longer, but not much!

    Voice-Activation --- that Works!!
    All you have to do is talk. There are no buttons to push. The unique COLLETT noise cancelling voice-activation system eliminates background noise so well, people calling your cellphone won't know you're riding. It's that good!

    Exclusive Snowmobile Channel
    We've assigned a special Club Channels for the exclusive use of people riding with state and province registered clubs. It guarantees you always have a clear channel to talk on, with no annoying FRS walkie-talkie chatter. The Snowmobile club channels are FREE, so ask for it when you order. Or order 6 or more communicators and have your own private club channel assigned.

    You break it we FIX IT!
    Our communicators come with a full 3 Year Warranty 100% parts and Labour.

    Money-Back Guarantee!
    Collett Communicator can offer you a superior product, at an attractive price, because we control every aspect of design, production, and marketing. If you are, in a way dissatisfied with your Collett Product, you can return it - undamaged - for a full refund.

    Collett Communicator

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