Dear customers,

We would like to thank you for your continued loyalty over these last 40 years.  Unfortunately with the passing of president and founder Les Collett - Collett Communicators will be closing their doors. 

Collett Communicators was a family owned and operated business and without Les Collett we can no longer continue. 

The Collett family

THE TRUTH ABOUT BLUETOOTH COMMUNICATION... DON'T BE FOOLED!!! some manufacturer's claims that "long Range Bluetooth Communication" is a viable alternative to the COLLETT's much higher powered 900Mhz Helmet Communicators. Here are some of the differences you should look for:

1) With COLLETT 900MHz Communicators there is no limit to the number of users ... thus Club rides are possible with COLLETT Communicators but definitely not with our competition's Bluetooth type Communicators. Bluetooth type Communicators use a DUPLEX SYSTEM that can only be used between two riders at the same time. Some clubs using COLLETT have 50+ Communicators in the riding group and no one is ever left out of the action.

2) Because of the short range of the Bluetooth devices unsafe "too close together" riding is most times necessary for keeping a constant "connection" between riders. The units can "disconnect" from each other easily, which means time is lost getting closer together so they will re-connect and the communication can continue. With COLLETT Communicators rider to rider operating ranges of up to 2 miles are possible ...where as 300 to 500ft is the normal operating range for Bluetooth type Communicators. In Short..... Dependable long range communication with multiple riders is just not possible using Bluetooth bike to bike Communicators

3) Only COLLETT Communicators allow both communication and the "simultaneous " streaming of music from cell phones (or GPS units). When talking or receiving the music instantaneously mutes. On all "Bluetooth type communicators" the user must choose between music or communication as they cannot stream music and allow communication at the same time. Only COLLETT has this very important feature.

Collett Communicator

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