3   -   Y e a r   W a r r a n t y

Click here to print out a "Warranty Form" which will help speed up your repair process and make it much easier for our technicians.

NOTE: Expect delays when sending your units in for any repairs or upgrades needed during the months of November, December, January and February as this is our busy season. It is best to send in your units for repairs or upgrades during our not so busy season.

Instructions on how to send in your Communicator for warranty repair:

Send to:

P.O. BOX 514
Oakbank, MB Canada
R0E 1J0

V E R Y   I M P O R T A N T!!
Customers from the United States MUST send by MAIL ONLY !
(Due to brokerage fees coming through customs)

On the outside of your package write;


Straight Talk About Warranties

A one year warranty is really only a one season warranty. In the case of snowmobiling, for many, that's only about 3 months. It protects the seller not the buyer. We offer the only 3 Year Warranty, 100% parts & labour in the business because only Collett Communicator has actual repair facilities.

Some manufacturers have a short duration replacement policy, but what happens when the time limit is up. Do you fix the radio yourself or just throw it away? Another manufacturer has a 3 year limited warranty. They will replace defective radios for the first year, and supply free parts (but not free labour) for the other two years. Well that's very generous of them. Considering that except for specialty parts like filters and microprocessor IC's, most modern radio parts cost less than $1.00 and many less than 1 cent! It's the labour that's expensive. What they're counting on is that when you find out what the labour costs might be (at $20 to $30 an hour), you'll say forget it, and they'll never have to spend money on a repair facility.

Our warranty department is staffed by trained technicians. They use the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and are ready to listen to a customer and offer advise.

3 0   -  D a y  M o n e y  B a c k   G u a r a n t e e

Collett Money back guarantee:

Collett offers a 30 Day return policy. This is to make our customers feel confident that if our product does not suit their application they can return the product for an exchange or refund.

Return Policy:

  • 30 day time period starts on day of arrival (day customer receives) and return shipping must be initiated within 30 days. In the case of presents (ie: Christmas) the customer must notify Collett at time order is placed)

  • return shipping must be by regular postal ONLY.

  • product must be returned in like new condition in original container.

    Best Regards,

    The Collett Family Drop us a line, If you have any questions about this policy, our company or our products.

    Collett Communicator

    Toll Free: 1.855.222.3231